More Windows screen shots

A Visual History of Microsoft Windows: for a trip down memory lane, click through the slideshow to see how far Windows has come.

Yes, those were the days! I was delighted to retire and move to Ubuntu.

Thirty years of WIndows!

Windows 1.0 required a minimum of 256K of memory, two double-sided floppy drives, and a graphics card, while Microsoft recommended a hard disk and 512K memory, especially for computers running DOS 3.0 or higher.  Read more.

Join The U.S. Digital Service

The United States Digital Service is transforming how the federal government works for the American people. Let's get some Barnard women on this team!

"We’re looking for doers and makers, creative thinkers, and specialized technologists. We need designers and writers, engineers and product managers, researchers and procurement experts committed to untangling, rewiring, and redesigning our government. We need America's most dedicated problem solvers - if that’s you, tell us about yourself."

New "Library" building?

Barnard’s faculty and staff claim they were shut out of the decision-making process for the new library, which faculty say also led to the resignation of the Dean of Barnard Library and Information Services Lisa Norberg.

Several faculty members say that Norberg is not alone in her dissatisfaction with the administration’s decisions, noting that their three main areas of concern have to do with reducing the library’s collection from 200,000 to 160,000 books, minimizing the space of the library in the new building, and a lack of transparency in the planning process.

The new facility will house a library, labs, classrooms, and a cafe, as well as new study, dining, and conference spaces.

Lehman Hall is scheduled for demolition

Barnard will soon be replacing its library with a new Teaching and Learning Center (TLC). Lehman Hall is scheduled for demolition in December 2015, and construction is predicted to take about three years. When it is finished, the new TLC will have less square footage dedicated to books than Lehman Hall had, a fact which has raised concerns among faculty members about the decision-making process and priorities of the new building’s planners.

Computing at Barnard

History of Barnard College Library   This article includes notes on the growth of academic computing.

Before your time...

  • The opening of the Wollman Library at Lehman Hall in 1960 made space available not only for a growing book collection, but for the technology of the day. Up to fifty students could be accommodated in an audio-visual studio to listen to records and tapes or watch slides, films and television. Those who wished to listen to music, poetry or drama records individually with ear phones did so at custom built record player tables in an open area. A pay typewriter was available in a typing room. The language departments operated a popular language laboratory on the ground floor.
  • The Library did, in fact, acquire its first computers in 1982. Other milestones  include the publication of the Library's home page in 1994, and the presentation of a series of talks in the late 1990s entitled "The Scholar and the Web." From 1990-1994, the Library participated in American Memory, a seminal project utilizing digitized collections from the Library of Congress.
  • In 1984, CLIO, the computerized catalog of the holdings of the Columbia University Libraries, became operational. The following year, major electronic research resources were added to the system. Through Dialog Information Services, students now had access to more than 200 machine readable databases (printing terminals).
  • As early as 1990 Barnard Library began holding instructional sessions on the use of CLIO.
  • 1984 also was the year in which Barnard students were given access to personal computers, through a grant from the Pew Foundation and a donation of twenty-five computers from IBM, which allowed for the opening of an Academic Computer Center (developed by Robert Kahn). 

Grace Hopper Celebration

Inside The Grace Hopper Celebration, Where Thousands Of Women Are United By Tech

“Life changing,” “amazing,” and “shockingly wonderful” are not often terms that are typically used to describe industry conferences. But that’s exactly how people talk about the Grace Hopper Celebration, an annual four-day event dedicated to bringing together women in computing to talk about technology and their careers.

From TechCrunch a leading technology media property, dedicated to obsessively profiling startups, reviewing new Internet products, and breaking tech news.

Commencement 2013

Barnard’s Presentation of
Degree Candidates ceremony

Radio City Music Hall,
Sunday, May 19, 2013

(OK, all together now,
kick left, kick right)

Oddly, Barnard ceremony is Sunday. 
The University ceremony is on Wednesday. 
Wonder how many parents or students remained in NYC for the CU event.

News about Lehman Hall

Barnard wants to demolish Lehman Hall and build a new 11-story library in its place, President Debora Spar announced Monday evening—but the approximately $150 million price tag poses some major financial hurdles.

Read the Spectator

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Resnet posters

Remember these Resnet posters 
If you are a returning student with a Windows machine, try renewing your IP address.   Go to Start --> Run and type "winipcfg".


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2005 back

Several T-shirts in storage.  More photos coming soon.

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Resnet 2007
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Komputerfest 2005

Resnet Halloween 2006

Ninjas 2006

Move In Brochure

Don't miss the Resnet brochure for Move In 2000
The recommended Dell computer specifications included a 10GB hard drive. a floppy disk drive and Windows 98.